Nike takes another foot in the metaverse by launching NFT sneakers

Nike accelerates in the metaverse. The American fashion giant has just launched a pair of sneakers in NFT in collaboration with the fashion studio RTFKT. ‘Cryptokicks’ are all-digital shoes, reports Les Echoes. Nike had already acquired this digital fashion studio last December, which designs virtual fashion items. The echoes explained that in 2021, the start-up had recorded 100 million dollars in turnover. For Nike, this is a new step after building its own metaverse in the Roblox game in November. “The buildings and grounds inside Nikeland are modeled after Nike’s actual headquarters and contain detailed arenas for the Roblox community to test their skills in through various mini-games,” the company explained to . era.

Available in limited quantities, the items sold by RTFKT are associated with an NFT, the non-fungible tokens certified and traceable on the blockchain. And the least we can say is that the success is already there since the “Cryptokicks” were traded on the OpenSea platform at around 2.9 ethers, or 8,500 dollars, detail The echoes. Not really surprising given their rarity. RTFKT is a specialist in the field to create a feeling of exclusivity with its products.

Linked to an avatar

According to our colleagues, these digital sneakers were initially offered to members of the RTFKT community. Those who have an NFT then received a box that contained the “Cryptokick”. On Twitter, the start-up was pleased to launch in collaboration with Nike “the future of sneakers, powered by Skin Vial technology”. The echoes also indicate that the NFT box containing the sneakers is associated with an avatar that RTFKT created as part of its “Clone-X” program. This is a set of 20,000 NFTs that depict Japanese-style characters. Some of these avatars even trade at more than 18.5 ethers on OpenSea, or almost 55,000 dollars.

As FXEmpire explains, in Nikeland players can dress up their avatars in Nike merchandise and play games, like Tag, Dodgeball, and The Floor is Lava. But beware of anyone who tries to touch his products. According to The echoes, in February, the brand filed a complaint against StockX, accusing it of marketing some of its products (NFTs) without its permission. Nike is accelerating in the sector since a series of patents have also been filed for a cryptocurrency wallet and a marketplace for NFTs and digital assets. Nike is therefore making digital entertainment and virtual social relations a key element of its digital strategy. -a-colossal-price-1433489

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