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not yet arrived, Zidane takes a monumental charge from a Parisian

Zapping Goal! soccer club PSG: Lukaku an XXL opportunity for Paris!

Since Thursday, we have been witnessing a festival of contradictory information and denials concerning the arrival of Zinédine Zidane at PSG. The last to have drawn is Mundo Deportivo, who assured last night that the 98 world champion had agreed to a three-year contract with the capital club, with the possibility of leaving if the post of coach national is free. This possible arrival has been widely commented, especially on the side of Marseille, where it provokes a unanimous rejection. But in Paris too, there are reluctant people, like Jérôme Rothen…

“President Macron does not cite PSG, said the consultant on RMC. He just wants Zidane to come back to a French club. For the influence of France, no problem. That such a talented and charismatic guy comes back to France, every day, but not to PSG! Zidane must give back everything he received here in France. In terms of image, it would be great for France. But not in Paris! It’s like Galtier. Club identification is important. My criticisms of this choice are on that, not on athletic skills. Zidane is a legend. He won the Champions League with Real Madrid. My discourse is not paradoxical. Zidane has been keeping the secret for three weeks. Why isn’t he talking? I don’t want him to go to PSG, but rather to OM or Monaco. »

to summarize

Whether or not he engages with PSG, Zinédine Zidane will not have caused rejection only on the side of Marseille. Even in Paris, some do not understand that he can consider coming, like Jérôme Rothen, who harshly criticized this lack of identification.



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