nurses can now vaccinate without a medical prescription

published on Saturday, April 23, 2022 at 3:50 p.m.

The profession had been called upon during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Making vaccination simpler, this is the objective of the measure published in the Official Journal, Saturday April 23. Nurses will be able to administer all the vaccines planned from the age of 16 “without prior medical prescription” from Sunday. The new texts also extend the prerogatives of pharmacists and midwives.

Three months after a favorable opinion from the High Authority for Health (HAS), the government validates the extension of “vaccination skills” for these three professions, which have proven themselves during the Covid-19 epidemic.

This decision primarily benefits nurses, now “authorized to administer, without prior medical prescription” vaccines against fifteen diseases: influenza, rabies, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, whooping cough, human papillomavirus, pneumococcus, hepatitis (A and B), meningococci (A, B, C, Y and W).

Caregivers will be able to perform these injections on all people “aged 16 and over for whom these vaccinations are recommended”. “This is a first step towards more autonomy for the profession and, for our fellow citizens, the guarantee of enhanced access to prevention”, welcomed the president of the Order of Nurses, Patrick Chamboredon, in a message sent to AFP.

Pharmacists and midwives also but with prescription

Pharmacists are also “authorized to administer” the same list of vaccines to the same population aged 16 and over, but always on presentation of a medical prescription. “To be able to prescribe them, we are awaiting an opinion from the drug agency”, recently seized by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, explained to AFP Philippe Besset, president of the FSPF – main trade union of the profession.

This green light is hoped for by the fall, knowing that pharmacists have recently negotiated fees of 7.50 to 9.60 euros per vaccine injected, which will be reimbursed by Social Security from October. In addition, the range of vaccines that midwives can “prescribe and perform” in pregnant women, newborns and “people who live regularly in their environment” is aligned with the same pathologies.

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