Occitanie: the tiger mosquito back in 88% of homes in the region, the ARS launches the alert

Favorite territory of the tiger mosquito, Occitania will enter the enhanced surveillance phase from May 1st until November 30th. 4.9 million inhabitants are affected by this scourge.

They are the hell of our summers and will be under close surveillance this year. ARS Occitanie is in battle order against the mosquitoes tiger before the major population movements summer vacation. Because if they have been back in the region for a few weeks already, the massive arrival of holidaymakerscombined with the period of insect breedingpresents a major health risk.

In a press release published on April 28, the agency recalls that tiger mosquitoes are carriers of many diseases and viruses such as dengue fever, chikungunya or the Zika virus. Hence the importance of activating according to the ARS a special plan prevention and enhanced surveillance from May 1 to November 30.

4.9 million Occitans affected

During this period, the ARS with local actors specialized in the issue, will deploy a device which is based on three main axes. The first consists of enhanced surveillance of mosquito populations in the region. It must be said that the Occitan territory is largely invaded by mosquitoes.

If out of the 4,454 municipalities in the region, 1,964 are colonized by insects, i.e. 44% of the cities, they nevertheless include 88% of the total population almost 4.9 million inhabitants.

The tiger mosquito present on 2/3 of the territory.

Raise awareness and track cases

The ARS also provides for “raising awareness among people residing in areas where these mosquitoes are present and active.” Because it is among the inhabitants that mosquitoes proliferate. From water bottom stagnant on a balcony, garden tools, buckets and trash cans in the rain or even blocked evacuation channels, are all factors favoring the development of mosquito larvae.

Especially since mosquitoes travel very little during their short life! On average, pests evolve between 30 and 150 m from their place of birth.

“The fight against these mosquitoes and their larvae is one of the main means of avoiding the transmission of viruses. It is a reflex to acquire at home to protect oneself collectively”, recalls the ARS.

Finally, the ARS will carry out enhanced surveillance of human cases of the diseases that this mosquito can carry: chikungunya, dengue fever and Zika.

This monitoring mobilizes health professionals throughout the region to immediately report to the Regional Health Agency any patient showing symptoms of dengue fever, chikungunya or Zika. In the event of confirmation of a suspected case, and after an entomological survey aimed at verifying the presence of tiger mosquitoes, an insecticide treatment is organized in the places where the patient passes. ARS OCCITANIA

Despite the low number of cases in the region in 2021 due to the limitation of travel, the ARS nevertheless advises travelers returning from holidays to continue to use repellents one week later their return.

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