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OM: Thauvin at the heart of the controversy

After giving a long RMC Sport interview on Friday, Florian Thauvin must have been very surprised when he discovered, on social networks, an off-air recording in which we hear him criticize the Marseille city. The winger quickly reacted: to apologize, above all, and to explain himself.

Thauvin will not spend his next vacation in Marseille.

Florian Thauvin was probably expecting a little controversy, but not this one. On Friday, the Tigers winger gave a long and rich interview with RMC Sport, in which he notably spoke of a kind of depression lived during his last months at Olympique de Marseille, which he left last summer.

Flotov – in part – justified his departure by the pressure felt, and the locker room problems. But he ended up giving another version, off the air…

When Thauvin thinks he’s out of the air…

While he was thinking about his micro shot, because the interview was over, Thauvin was not kind to the Marseille city. My son, today, he is 2 years old, he speaks French with us, Spanish with the nanny and he is American School, it’s crazyfirst contextualized the world champion. In truth, you did not imagine raising Marseille in the middle of the dingoes (sic), right?revived Jean-Louis Tourre, co-presenter of the program Rothen ignites on RMC.

I am ashamed. a, I can’t say it on air, replied the left-hander, without noticing the term ‘dingos’. When I got the extension offer from OM, because Pablo Longoria and Jorge Sampaoli gave me a crazy contract, I said to myself: ‘My son is two years old, it’s not possible that ‘he goes to Marseille school like that’. Mrs. my wife and I, we couldn’t take it anymore… Off-the-record remarks that offended the people of Marseille, sad to see their city almost compare to a ghetto.

The journalist apologizes, Thauvin too

On social networks, where the recording was shared by an OM fan, indignant comments have multiplied. And they pushed the main stakeholders to react. Jean-Louis Tourre, first of all, quickly apologized for the term dingoes. It was of course not intended for broadcast, he recalled on Twitter. Now that this is the case, I regret the word ‘dingos’ to qualify the Marseillais. A familiarity to designate the particular context that we have to manage when we play for OM.

Our apologies also for the player, of course, added our colleague. But Thauvin, who felt du, disgust and betrayeddo not digest: A private conversation is not disclosed publicly. I especially wanted to come back to the comments made by the journalist, to which I do not agree at all. They are inadmissible, and I made a mistake because I did not react. I should have reacted, defended ourselves, not let this pass. For that, I apologize to all Marseillais.

Incidents closed?

In a long video message posted on social networks, the former Bastia made his mea culpa. And after the apologies, the explanation:For the rest, I simply explained that I had gone around Marseille, that I needed a change in my professional life and my private life. And that I was proud to offer my son the opportunity to discover a new country, a new culture, and to learn several languages continued Thauvin, before putting this controversy behind him for good.

My attachment to OM, I have proven it in the past, no need to go back on it. I will always be proud, I will never forget where I come from and I will never forget this club, whose colors I will always wear proudly. Go OM, and long live Marseille!, concluded the man who scored 86 goals in seven seasons with the Marseille club. Incident closed, then? Hard to say. The news will quickly move on, but the people of Marseille will probably not soon forget the words of Thauvin, who – let us remember – did not expect to see them land in the public square.

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