Oops, someone forgot a Google Watch in a restaurant

Since the loss of a prototype iPhone 4 in 2010, brands have been doing everything to avoid silly leaks. Unfortunately for Google, it looks like a Pixel Watch has been misplaced in a public place.

The Android Central site obtained, on April 24, 2022, several photos from a source wishing to remain anonymous, claiming to have found a connected watch manufactured by Google in a restaurant in the United States. These images, which seem much too realistic to be false, reveal a connected watch with a very round design, in line with what rumors have been describing for several months (if not several years). If this restaurant story turns out to be accurate, it would be a fairly unprecedented leak in Google’s history.

The iPhone 4, a painful precedent for the industry

This news could be trivial, but brings back very bad memories in Silicon Valley. Remember, in 2010, the Gizmodo site had received from an anonymous source a prototype iPhone 4 camouflaged in an iPhone 3G shell. The story was similar, an Apple employee, who had drunk too much, forgot it in a bar. Apple had done everything to recover its smartphone, before banishing Gizmodo from its conferences, while allowing itself a few hints of humor on this painful subject from time to time.

The lost Pixel Watch. // Source: Android Central

Unfortunately, the employee of Google (or one of its partners) who allegedly lost the watch did not think to leave a charger, which prevents the new owner of the Pixel Watch from playing with it. It is therefore difficult to say more about the product, except that it would be round, has a curved screen and would use removable proprietary bracelets.

Another possibility: is Google itself the source of this leak? While “conspiracy theories” are easy to imagine in the industry, they rarely go that far. Brands leak small pieces of information to sites, but rarely entire products. We are therefore leaning more towards oblivion in a restaurant, 12 years after the iPhone 4, especially since the Pixel Watch has been expected since… 2013.

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