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OpenSky: the Google app to fly your drone according to the rules

Drones are gadgets that have proliferated in recent years and it is very common to see users in the countryside flying them every weekend. Congregations that are generally aware of the flight rules that apply in their autonomous regions and which, in many cases, are often ignored: sometimes willfully and other times out of sheer ignorance.

The fact is that Google, which has solutions for everything, has decided to launch a application on iOS and Android to help us know if the flight we are going to take complies with the regulations in force in our territoryso that after adding all the details, it will respond with “you are allowed” or “you are not allowed”.

Avoid fines and problems with the authorities

Wing is, as we said, a Alphabet division, which in turn is the parent company of Google, so in a way they are related. We now know, from a post on their official blog, that they have just released an app for iOS and Android called Opensky which was already launched in Australia on a trial basis in 2019. The app is currently only available for Android. Australia and the United States.

How OpenSky works in relation to Google Maps

Obviously, the big advantage of this application is that it uses the entire Google Maps platform to show drone pilots in which areas they can fly their devices and where they cannot, so that the user know clearly what he can do without a doubt. To do this, it uses a color code that colors the part of the map affected and where green indicates that we can launch our device into the sky. Whereas when you see everything yellow, the app says we probably need some kind of permission.

It goes without saying that as soon as the area we are in appears in red, it means that we will not be able to fly the drone in any way, due to government or other restrictions that are above all consideration. Precisely for the cases in which we receive the recommendation not to use the drone, the application has a useful function thanks to which it is possible to request flight authorizations in restricted areas at this precise moment in order to obtain real-time access.

All these tools make this application the best companion for drone enthusiasts, since they will be able to plan their flights several days in advance and, if authorizations are necessary, request them so that everything is in order when they arrive on site.

Where to download OpenSky

For Android mobiles: Click here

For iOS mobiles: Click here



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