Tesla recalls vehicles in China for the second time in less than a month

The American electric car giant Tesla is recalling nearly 15,000 vehicles in China for the second time this month due to a software problem, the Chinese regulator announced on Friday. The cars concerned have a defect in the speed display, said the market regulator (SAMR). “In extreme cases, this increases the risk of an accident … Read more

SWISS manages its operations using a cloud-based analytics platform from Google

SWISS has developed an air operations planning and management platform based on Google Cloud. The solution will support the decisions of the SWISS teams based at Zurich airport and responsible for the company’s flight operations worldwide. The system collects data such as passenger routes, individual aircraft assignments and performance, crew composition and aircraft maintenance. This … Read more

Elon Musk sold several million Tesla shares on Tuesday and Wednesday, earning him $4 billion

To finance the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk has pledged to contribute up to 21 billion dollars of personal contribution, the rest being financed by debt. Many investors are wondering about the actual completion of this operation. Elon Musk sold, Tuesday April 26 and Wednesday April 27, just over 4.4 million Tesla shares, of which … Read more

Is blockchain a dangerous nonsense? An analysis by Nicolas Lenz

For Nicolas Lenz, a computer science student in Germany, blockchain solves nothing. In a blog post, Nicolas Lenz indicates that blockchain as a technology is already deeply flawed in its basic concept. Blockchain technology promises to eliminate trust in central institutions. Initially, this would have applied to a currency: bitcoin (defined by Lenz as a … Read more