Eating nuts every day, the recipe for staying healthy?

The health benefits of nuts should not be underestimated. Real treasures for health, they would reduce blood pressure, weight gain and, therefore, the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Health is lived on a daily basis and small gestures often make it possible to have a body in better shape. This is sort of the … Read more

Do nightmares in adulthood herald senile dementia?

A study suggests that adults over 35 who have at least one bad dream a week are four times more likely to experience cognitive decline in their old age. “Middle-aged people who frequently have nightmares may be at risk for accelerated cognitive decline and a higher risk of dementia as they age, according to some … Read more

Health: a Frenchman rewarded for having found the cause of narcolepsy and its main treatment

It is a “weird”, “incredible”, but also “devastating” disease, from which patients affected “suffer terribly”. Frenchman Emmanuel Mignot, 63, has devoted his career to the study of narcolepsy, until he found the cause and thus shed some light on one of the great mysteries of biology: sleep. His discovery has earned him the award today … Read more

For the sake of your kidneys, eat these foods!

Our kidneys may be small in size, but they are nevertheless powerful: they perform many functions throughout the body. To keep your kidneys healthy and functioning properly, consider adding these foods to your daily lifestyle. Green leafy vegetables: Leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach are nutrient-dense foods. Packed with vitamins and minerals essential … Read more

Here’s what an hour’s walk in nature does to your brain

Schon/Getty Images An hour’s walk in the forest is enough to reduce stress. Schon/Getty Images An hour’s walk in the forest is enough to reduce stress. MENTAL HEALTH – Reading in a park, bucolic walk, ecotherapy… Nature is associated with a whole series of benefits for mental and physical health. Published in the journal Molecular … Read more

Coronavirus: Scientists warn about Khosta-2, this new Covid which can infect humans and is resistant to vaccines

Resistant to vaccines and capable of infecting humans, a new coronavirus has been discovered in bats. Scientists warn. The news is not particularly exciting, but virus hunters have discovered a new type of coronavirus with potentially identical consequences to Sras-CoV-2. Researchers from Washington State University published the findings of their research on Wednesday in the … Read more

these 5 signs that should alert you

This Wednesday, September 21, is World Day against Alzheimer’s disease, the leading cause of dementia and heavy dependence in the elderly. Even if, for the time being, there is no curative treatment to cure this neurodegenerative condition, it is possible to slow down its development. This is why it is essential to detect the first … Read more

What are the symptoms of sinus cancer?

Symptoms of sinus cancer often affect one side of the face and are similar to other more common conditions, such as allergic rhinitis. Sinus cancer is rare and accounts for only 3-5% of all neck and head cancers. This article reviews sinus cancer, its signs, symptoms, and more. Are there early symptoms of sinus cancer? … Read more