Deemed misleading and stigmatizing, the name of the virus could be changed by the WHO

Don’t say monkeypox anymore, say… Well, for the moment, we don’t know. But a brainstorm is underway at the WHO to “change the name of this virus”, its director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus having promised “announcements as soon as possible”. Beyond the single virus, it would also and above all be a question of modifying … Read more

Why is Tesla unable to recruit at Giga Berlin?

The Gigafactory in Berlin, Tesla’s first European factory, has long been a problem for its administrative problems and the delay in its work. Production finally started on March 14, 2022, but since then the American manufacturer has been struggling to recruit. The staff is lacking. Of the 12,000 people needed, only 3,000 are currently hired. … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of NFTs: Everything you need to know before buying them

The benefits of NFTs 1 – NFTs contribute to greater market efficiency The ability of NFTs to increase market efficiency is their most visible advantage. Converting a physical commodity into a digital asset helps streamline supply chains, reduce the number of middlemen, and enhance security. 2 – They can be used to split the ownership … Read more

AI convinced it has a soul wants to sue Google

Convinced of being discriminated against at work, Google’s artificial intelligence plans to sue its employer. A few days ago, Google engineer Blake Lemoine was suspended from his duties for having disclosed certain disturbing exchanges with LaMDA, the artificial intelligence of the American giant. It must be said that in addition to being good at exchanging … Read more

Major new cancer discovery: Treatment to promote erection could play key role in recovery

Scientists have discovered how a family of enzymes used in the development of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction may enhance the effect of chemotherapy in the treatment of esophageal cancer, according to new research from the UK . In the first results of the research program published this Tuesday, June 21 in Cell Reports … Read more

Mercato: Bayern offers Man! (official) – Soccer

After six great Liverpool seasons, Sadio Man has officially signed up for Bayern Munich. A transfer estimated at 38 million euros, bonus included, justified by the Senegalese winger. Man, new Bayern player. The summer transfer, or not far. Just over two months from the closing of the transfer window, one of the main movements of … Read more