Lille: Botman talks about his future

show more… Coveted by Newcastle and AC Milan last January, Lille central defender Sven Botman (22 years, 22 games and 3 goals in L1 this season) ultimately did not move. But the young Dutch talent clearly opens the door to a departure this summer. “I accepted the situation. There were opportunities. But we also had … Read more

Google changes its vision of data security

The security of your personal data on the Internet is a big debate that seems endless and a little lost in advance. However, some companies are implementing movements to try to fortify those of their users. However, it sometimes makes people smile a little when the security initiatives come from the actors who initially drew … Read more

Measles cases are climbing around the world, should we be worried in France?

SAVO PRELEVIC via AFP“The vaccination coverage is important, although lower than what is necessary to prevent any circulation”, according to epidemiologist Pierre-Yves Boelle (photo illustration). MEASLES – An outbreak which worries worldwide, but which should (relatively) spare France. On April 27, WHO and Unicef ​​issued a new alert on the explosion of measles cases in … Read more

the vaccine against papillomavirus still too little known

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infections are responsible for several cancers. There is, however, a vaccine, intended for adolescents – boys and girls -, but which the French have not yet widely adopted. Faced with certain cases, Jean-Luc Prétet is “displeased”. This professor of carcinogenesis associated with human papillomaviruses (HPV) at the University of Burgundy-Franche-Comté says he … Read more