Panic in Gmail: Google bug affects accounts and warns that emails will soon be inactive!

GMAIL users were panicked after receiving an email from Google telling them that their account was about to be terminated. If you’re wondering if your Gmail account might become inactive, here’s what you need to know.

Gmail users fear that soon they will no longer be able to access their Google account. See also: Tik Tok: This influencer accidentally shows off on Instagram, she talks about a “mistake”.. Many Gmail users have reported receiving an email from Google warning them that their account was about to be terminated because it was “inactive”. When a Gmail account is considered inactive by Google, users risk losing all important data associated with it, such as emails, files, and photos that are in their inbox.

What’s odd about the emails Google users have received is that their Gmail accounts aren’t inactive, ScreenRant reports.

Google considers a Gmail account inactive when it has not been accessed for more than two years.

But many Google users who received the email warning them that their Gmail account is at risk access it daily.

Some of them even logged in and out of their Gmail account after getting this warning, only to keep getting the message again.

The emails were highlighted in a community thread on Google’s official site.

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The original poster wondered if he was receiving these messages as part of a scam, given that he regularly uses his account. See also: Catastrophe for Tesla: An unforeseeable consequence of the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk shakes the car manufacturer!.

The Gmail user wrote: “How is this possible? I use this account at least once a day. It says it will be considered inactive for 18 months if I don’t log in as soon as possible, which I did. Have I been compromised? »

In subsequent conversations, Gmail users explained that they had contacted Google’s support team about this, who reassured them that it was a “legitimate email”. .

A user speculated that people are getting this message due to a ‘bug’ that hit recently, and pointed out that a similar thing happened in 2019 when fake inactive account alerts were sent. .

Gmail users received emails due to a bug

Google Support reassured a concerned Gmail user that they were in no danger of having their data erased. On the same subject : Russia asks Google to stop posting threats against Russians on YouTube.

As the Gmail user explains, “Online chat knew nothing about the issue but assured me that access to the account would not be lost and nothing would be deleted. As others have said, I use Gmail every day and access it from multiple devices, so there’s no reason for the message to be inactive.

“The same day I received the warning email, I was signed out of all apps on all devices. A bit of a hassle, but so far no harm done. Hopefully Google fixes the issue before Legacy Contacts gets alerted. »

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