Pascal Dupraz after the defeat of Saint-Étienne against Reims: “It’s consternation”

Pascal Dupraz (coach of Saint-Etienne, beaten 1-2 by Reims) : “It is the consternation which predominates. By dint of not scoring points when they reach out to us… Inevitably, this match was of capital importance and we started it in a way that we could not imagine. We are trailing because defensively we don’t have the right answers. We came back logically and we could have taken the advantage. After half-time, it’s always the same shortcomings that come back, especially athletic. They are mind-boggling. Too many players don’t have the athletic abilities to meet the requirements of Ligue 1. The players don’t give up, but there’s no gasoline in the engine, nor the displacement.

Defensively, I have been tinkering since December and before me, a much more prestigious coach (Claude Puel, Editor’s note) also tinkered. After the consternation, there is always this strength to hang on and there are still three points at stake in Nantes (next Saturday on behalf of the 38th and last day, editor’s note) where it should be relevant. You have to take points, that’s the mission. And then we will watch with excitement what will happen on another ground (Metz will play the same evening against PSG, editor’s note). I didn’t give up, that’s normal. It’s up to me to ensure that the players don’t give up. »

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