Paul Scholes pays Paul Pogba

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Paul Pogba’s move to Manchester United may seem like a failure, especially if we compare his level to Juventus Turin or the French team. Not always concerned, often injured and irregular, “la Pioche” nevertheless has all the qualities necessary for the high level according to Paul Scholes: “I was there when he was a kid and this boy has absolutely everything you want in a footballer and a midfielder. He has the physique, he can run. I just think he never learned as a footballer, he seems to constantly make the same mistakes over and over again.

The former Red Devils player believes in The Sunthat if he is put in the right conditions, the French will find the level which is his:“It’s disappointing, it looks like he’s going to leave. He will go somewhere, a manager will take him in hand, and I think he will do very well, like he did at Juventus. For some reason at Man United it didn’t work out. It’s a big disappointment. You see what he is doing with France”. He concluded his analysis by returning to the image that Pogba gives off, also wishing him success: “people see it the wrong way. He’s a good boy, he wants to work and learn. I hope he will continue and that he will succeed. We all know he has the ability and talent to become a world-class player.”

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