Payet: “The risk of a suspended point is still there”

In the event of an incident against Lyon, OM could be penalized with a withdrawal of 1 point. Dimitri Payet reminded supporters of the threat.

In a press conference, Dimitri Payet mentioned the risk of OM being penalized with a withdrawal of 1 point, if an incident occurs against OL. “All our matches at the Vlodrome went well. Against Nice, which was also a risky match, there were no problems. It will be the birthday of a group of supporters (the South Winners), we must be a party. The risk of a suspended point is always there, we know that it is important at this time of the season. But the supporters have been perfect so far, I think it will be the case again, I I have complete confidence in them”he told the media.

65,000 spectators should take place in the traves of the Orange Vlodrome stadium this Sunday.

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