Pfizer pill: access to the anti-Covid pill is made easier

Pfizer pill: access to the anti-Covid pill is made easier
The anti-Covid pill is taken when you already have symptoms. © Adobe stock

Reimbursement and access to the Pfizer pill against Covid-19 is facilitated. Who can benefit from this pill? Which doctor can prescribe it?

End of the emergency procedure

Paxlovid is the name of the anti-Covid pill developed by the Pfizer group. The High Authority for Health (HAS) on Monday, April 25, published an opinion aimed at facilitating its prescription of Paxlovid. This pill is already refunded in France but under emergency arrangements.

Who can prescribe it?

As soon as the HAS opinion is endorsed by the government, attending physicians will be able to prescribe this pill more easily to their patients who already have symptoms of the Covid. To be effective, this pill must be taken ‘within five days following the appearance of symptoms”, specifies the HAS.

Who can receive this anti-Covid pill?

Pfizer’s pill is limited to people at risk facing severe forms of Covid-19. The pill is prescribed for those people who do not need to be placed on oxygen. The people of over 65 and those Overweight may be among these at-risk patients.

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