Pochettino (PSG): “We won the Championship, like City in England”

Holidays are relaxing, it seems. In any case, they untie the language of Mauricio Pochettino, gone on vacation near Barcelona. The PSG coach spoke on a Catalan television set on Monday about the club’s obsession with the Champions League and wants to be patient.

PSG are desperate to win the Champions League. The goal is to win it and it’s normal for trouble to happen, but we overcame it by winning the Championship just like City won it in England, explains the Argentinian technician. With the expectations and the dressing room we have, this season has been a continuous learning curve. We were one step away from eliminating Madrid, as were Chelsea, City and Liverpool. We won like Ancelotti, Blanc… other coaches. But there is a lot of impatience in the club. I think we’re going to find the right form of agreement so that the players, the technical staff and the management can all go in the same direction. »


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