Price prediction of the best cryptocurrencies of the day: ApeCoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum

Missed the ApeCoin rally to $19? This upcoming drop is your last chance to buy APE before new highs.

ApeCoin price suggests the possibility of a minor correction before any uptrend. This drop will give buyers on the sidelines an opportunity to build up before a massive rally.

Bitcoin price drops, but this metric just hit a new all-time high

Bitcoin’s price trend has seen swings over the past week as a key mining metric hit a new all-time high. Analysts are optimistic about the recovery of the price of BTC, as new miners join the network.

Will Ethereum price reach $3,700? These whales believe it

The recovery of Ethereum price from the recent low point indicates that the bulls are back in business. Technical data and on-chain metrics have aligned and signal an upcoming recovery.

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