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prices go up again

While Tesla prices have been steadily increasing since the beginning of the year, new inflation has just appeared in recent hours. The “basic” Tesla Model 3 is now displayed at 53,490 euros.

Prices are skyrocketing! But the order books are still overflowing. It’s Elon Musk’s magic recipe that continues to work: whatever he does, Teslas sell. This time, it’s all the models in the catalog of the Californian brand that sees its entry-level price increase. For the Model 3 for example, the best-selling Tesla, the call price has just taken 5%: +2,500 euros to display a new price of 53,490 euros. The “Great Autonomy” version also receives these 2,500 euros of inflation and now caps at 62,490 euros. This forces her to say goodbye to the ecological bonus since she exceeds the fateful barrier of 60,000 euros. Finally, the “Performance” version increases “only” by 1,500 euros. New price: 66,490 euros.

The Model Y has also become more expensive: you now have to pay 69,771 euros to afford one (+2,869 euros), but it’s not as much as the Model X. The largest model in the Tesla range sees its entry-level price drop from 110,110 to 115,855 euros. Ouch!

Not even hurt

And yet, Tesla’s order books are still full, even after so much inflation in just a few months. The delays to receive your Tesla are only increasing: some models ask to wait more than 6 months. Obviously, the increase in the tariff and the disappearance of the ecological bonus do not cool French motorists. So much the better for Tesla which continues to make big profits which they do not hide.



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