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prices may drop, if…

Since the beginning of the year, Tesla prices have soared. Elon Musk hinted that they could be lowered, if inflation calms down.

With Tesla, we have become accustomed to seeing prices go yoyo. Example with the Model 3: the prices of the electric sedan had melted at the start of 2021, also provoking the anger of customers who had received their vehicle a few days before. But Dince the beginning of this year, they have changed several times… being constantly revised upwards.

Thus, the access version went from 43,800 to 53,490 € in six months! The brand has no choice but to pass on the surge in raw materials. Electric cars are doubly impacted by this aspect, between the materials for the bodywork and those for the battery. No manufacturer is spared, even a Dacia Spring took nearly €3,000 in one year! Added to this for Tesla are the problems with the supply of electronic chips.

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Our colleagues from Electrek point out, however, that Tesla still generates better margins, proof that the rise in prices exceeds that of production costs. But Tesla said it is raising prices ahead of time because vehicles ordered these days will mostly be produced within 6 to 10 months. Moreover, the increase in selling prices did not affect the level of orders!

Tesla is therefore a bit of a bet on the evolution of commodity prices, still anticipating increases. What if it goes down? Then Tesla prices may drop again. Elon Musk himself mentioned this possibility in a tweet in response to a user who asked the question about a possible reduction in prices after the worst of the crisis: “if inflation calms down, we can lower car prices” .

Do you have to take out a crystal ball before validating your order online?



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