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Progressive Web Apps will be more informative

The progressive web apps (or PWA) are an ideal medium for developers looking to bring their content to as many people as possible. This is because you get the user experience associated with a standalone application, and their functionality can be relatively easy to implement. Although this made the PWAs hugely popular, Chrome desktop versions don’t really explain how it works when you’re about to install them, which may put users off. It seems that Google has finally decided to remedy this situation.

A dialog box usually appears on the screen when a website recommends installing a PWA. The current implementation only displays the website icon, web address, application name, and install or cancel buttons. Chrome is reportedly testing a new PWA install dialog with more details.

A hidden feature in the latest version of Chrome Canary adds more detail to the dialog in the form of a helpful description of the Progressive Web Apps feature. This should help users understand what they can expect from the PWA if they choose to install it, allowing them to make more informed decisions instead of just clicking. Luckily, there’s already a handy way to uninstall unwanted PWAs through Windows Settings if you want to roll back an installation.

So far, this change appears to be limited to the Progressive Web Apps dialog, while the apps themselves will likely remain unchanged. The developers will apparently be able to add a screenshot carousel, although we haven’t seen that in action yet.



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