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PSG – Ancelotti, Mourinho, Tuchel … Christophe Galtier has already conquered the European elite

Does he have the shoulders to make PSG happy? Succeed where Laurent Blanc, Thomas Tuchel or Unai Emery and Mauricio Pochettino failed? Is he the one who will manage to achieve the ultimate quest of Parisians? Doubt hangs in the minds of many supporters and observers. Because Christophe Galtier, who should be the new coach of PSG after the agreement reached between the Parisian club and Nice revealed by L’Equipe and Nice-Matin, has never had the chance to have such a capacity in his hands. with players of the dimension of Lionel Messi, Neymar or Kylian Mbappé. But in the middle, they are legion to think that the bet is tempted. And to understand the desire of Luis Campos, the new PSG football adviser.
Since he took the plunge to get out of the shadow of Alain Perrin and agree to become number 1 on a bench, Christophe Galtier has never ceased to seduce. His players in the first place, who are generally full of praise for his management and his talents as a leader. But from Saint-Etienne to Nice via of course Lille, the native of Marseille has also conquered many of his peers by his human qualities and his success in the coaching costume. And not just any.

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Ancelotti: “His team has always stood out for the quality of their game and their organization”

His first experience in Saint-Etienne, for example, caught the eye of a renowned technician: Carlo Ancelotti. Passed on the PSG bench from 2011 to 2013, the Italian with four Champions League as a coach fell in love with the former OM defender. “In France, my friend from Saint-Étienne, Christophe, what is happening to him? We won the best coach award in 2013. He is good, him!”, had launched “Il Mister” in 2016 in L’Equipe before saluting his work in 2017 when Galtier left Saint-Etienne. “Today comes to an end for him a fantastic period spent at Saint-Etienne, where his team has always distinguished itself by the quality of its play and its organization. I wish my friend Christophe the greatest success for the future“.

The tribute is sincere. And says a lot about Ancelotti’s idea of ​​Galtier, who took him as an example. He was seduced by the character of the former Monza player. But also through his daily work in the Loire, where Galtier enabled the Greens to win their first trophy since 1981 (note: the Coupe de la Ligue in 2013) and to return to the European scene. “A permanent miracle given the budget we had“, as summarized Loïc Perrin when remembering his years under the Galtier cut in 20 Minutes.

Mourinho: “He’s the top coach”

At this time in Saint-Etienne, Christophe Galtier had been noticed by another foreign coach who established himself in France: Leonardo Jardim. Asked by L’Equipe in 2017 to take stock of his time in France, the former Monaco coach praised the skills of Christophe Galtier when asked about the coaches who marked him during his first years in France. L1. And Galtier’s name came up first. “He has a real personality, he’s a real football fan, a hard worker“, had explained the Portuguese, champion of France 2017 with the ASM. But if his rather impressive regularity during his seven and a half years on the bench of ASSE allowed him to make a place for himself respected among the coaches passed by the ‘Hexagon, it is his time in Lille that will give him another dimension.

Even before going for his first title of champion of France to frustrate PSG, Galtier, who had been able to straighten out the Mastiffs after the catastrophic passage of Marcelo Bielsa, had thus had the happiness of seeing José Mourinho praise the quality of his work during of its second season in the North. “Maybe the others are better, I don’t know. But I think he (Christophe Galtier) is the coach of the year, launched in L’Equipe in 2019 the Special One. Taking the team to the Champions League, the quality of football, the development of young players… I think the owners are happy because they have players to sell and to sell well. If they have the ambition to compete with Marseille, Lyon, the usual big L1 teams, he is the top coach“. Mourinho was also so impressed by what he was able to observe that he will steal two members of his staff from the French technician when he arrived at Tottenham at the end of 2019 (note: Joao Sacramento and Nuno Santos).

“The Girondins are the laboratory of everything that should not be done in football business”

Tuchel on Lille: “They had a great coach and were very competitive when I was in Paris”

Praise from Carlo Ancelotti and José Mourinho is already quite a lot on a CV. But there is another C1 winner who is also one of his coaches who did not wait for Christophe Galtier to be crowned French champion to appreciate his effectiveness: Thomas Tuchel, who was on the PSG bench from 2018 to 2020, is also of these.

While he slipped at the end of 2019 before a LOSC-PSG duel all the good he thought of his Lille counterpart (“We see what he wants on the pitch. He is very good at coaching. I have great respect for his team“), the German had notably given a layer of it when Chelsea had found LOSC in the Champions League in 2022. Galtier had nevertheless left Lille. But Tuchel had not forgotten him. “They had a great coach and were very competitive when I was in Paris. It was a very big team. It was very difficult to play there. The quality of the players was exceptional. They won the championship last year but they lost players and the coach. It’s a big change, a change so big it takes time“, had slipped the Chelsea coach.

An “interesting challenge”

The Lille coronation in 2021 in L1 will obviously place Galtier in yet another sphere. And the praise will still multiply. For Jorge Sampaoli, we speak of “one of the best coaches in the world last season”. Because in the eyes of the Marseille coach, Galtier has achieved an almost unthinkable feat: “iwon Ligue 1 ahead of PSG, an untouchable club on paper“, explained the former Argentine coach this season. And as Mauricio Pochettino did this season before knowing that he was perhaps talking about his successor, everyone actually welcomes an observation: “the interesting challenge” What does a confrontation with a team trained by Galtier represent.

Elected coach of the year in L1 in 2013, 2019 and 2021, Christophe Galtier has therefore won over the years and successful experiences the recognition of his peers. Who will follow with a necessarily intrigued interest his passage on the Parisian bench if this is done. Before perhaps another equally prestigious destiny? Because the former assistant of Bernard Casoni or Alain Perrin today seems a possible coach one day. “look what he didthis man, slipped on Europe 1 Noël Le Graët in March. I barely knew him. I have to be honest. Or at least not at that level. What he did in Lille and what he is doing in Nice deserves respect. He is an excellent French coachs.” Everyone is waiting to see if this will be confirmed in Paris. And if he will be the chosen one able to put an end to Parisian frustrations!

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