PSG: Messi lucid and confident after his first season

Disappointing for his first season with Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi remains confident. The Argentinian striker thinks he knows the reasons for his difficulties. And considers himself capable of reversing the situation during the next exercise.

Lionel Messi thinks to improve his performance next season.

With 11 goals and 14 assists in all competitions, many would have finished the season satisfied. What’s more after a change of club.

But Lionel Messi is not just anyone and his statistics, mixed for a player of his level, are not enough to hide the poverty of his performances.

Another style of play

Moreover, the 34-year-old striker does not hide it. In his TyC Sports agreement interview, the Argentinian admits a difficult season at Paris Saint Germain. But also talks about extenuating circumstances.

Messi recalls in particular that his departure from Barcelona was unexpected and not desired. This did not facilitate his adaptation. I had to adapt to a way of playing, because I was used to playing my whole life in another way, defended the former Blaugrana. I arrived in a new place where you play differently, you see football in a different way, with new teammates…

The effect of covid-19

In Barcelona, ​​I had teammates with whom I had played for a very long time, they knew me by heart. It was all new to me, he insisted. In addition I started my season late, then I received a blow to the knee which stopped me for a while and I couldn’t continue. Then Messi tested positive for covid-19. And according to him, scars in the lungs have long handicapped him.

I couldn’t train, he said. I couldn’t even run for a month and a half. All these parameters can partly explain its insufficient performance. This is why the seven-time Ballon d’Or is optimistic for next season. I think I can reverse the situation, not stay with the feeling of having changed club and that it did not succeed for me announced the Argentinian international.

His optimism for next season

I know next season will be different, he predicted. I’m already prepared for what’s to come, I know the club and the city, I’m a little better suited in the dressing room, my teammates and I know it will be different. Next season, the lack of adaptation and malaise in the capital will no longer be valid reasons for Messi, who is still a little more expected at the turn.

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