Radio Crypto: DogeCoin does without the Internet and travels on the airwaves

For tech! – If there is a fundamental principle for cryptocurrencies, it is indeed independence. Independence vis-à-vis banks, governments, only the internet is still an obstacle. According to Dogecoin developer Michi Lumin, do without the internet to send cryptocurrencies is possible ! In fact, a transaction DOGE was sent by radio using a protocol called “Radio Doge”. Dogecoin supporters have since claimed that Radio Doge “will allow access to Dogecoin to people outside the reach of the internet”.

Dogecoin, the first dog on the airwaves

On April 22, 2022, the first dogecoin (DOGE) transaction was sent by radio transmission using the global Starlink satellite network. Dogecoin developer Michi Lumin revealed the news on Friday in a tweet.

” Hi. [J’ai] still sleepy, so no swearing, but i just did it, sending 4.2069 dogecoin (from BudZ heh) 100 miles (with tjstebbing and KBluezr listening on a receiver 810 miles away), using only libdogecoin radio, and eventually relayed to the mainnet on the other end via Starlink. »

Statement from developer Michi Lumin on Twitter

The dogecoin transaction sent by Michi Lumin and friends was performed via HF/LoRaWANa low-cost radio technology, combined with the Starlink satellite network.

“The first dogecoin transaction has just taken place without the Internet, using Radio Doge. wow! (…) Radio Doge will allow access to dogecoin for people out of internet reach. »

Reaction from a Dogecoin supporter

Dogecoin is not the first cryptocurrency to be sent by radio, however. Concepts such as mesh networks, amateur radio equipment and portable antennas have already allowed people to transact BTC without internet access. It must be said that it is one of the dreams of the community!

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A dystopia that brings innovation?

So imagine in times of war, or other disaster… You wake up one morning and find that the internet is down. Everything should be working normally but your government has deliberately pulled the plug. Banks limit withdrawals, if they still exist. And luckily, you planned it. You have your cryptocurrencies, or other safe havens. However, without internet you cannot use them. It’s a problematic situation.

If this sounds like a dystopia, think back to the war in ukraine and how cryptos could help people in such a situation. This scenario is a possibility for many citizens of the whole world. If cryptocurrencies are to live up to their mission of resisting censorship, then they could withstand such drastic censorship.

Dogecoin developers send a transaction over the airwaves.

Sam Patterson, the former COO of OB1, has Explain in 2019 that radio is more peer-to-peer (P2P) than P2P networks built on the web.

“Peer-to-peer networks built on the Internet have a particular appeal because of the sense of resilience they have, with no central point of failure (…) A little misleading: they are really built on many computers and the connections between them. Not true with radios. True peer to peer. »

Tweet by Sam Patterson, former COO of OB1, February 15, 2019

Adam Back and Blockstream planned the hit

A news article is not enough to deepen the research on this challenge. Create a network that can to exist independently of the internet is a challenge in large scale. However, a solution created by Blockstream literally sends Bitcoin into space.

The broadcast of the Blockstream Satellite network. Bitcoin blockchain worldwide 24/7 for free. Protect against network interruptions and provide anyone in the world the ability to use Bitcoin. And to use it, we’re going to have to install a satellite dish. »

Blockstream’s kits include a flat panel antenna as well as a rack mounted satellite receiver. All this costs around 1200 dollars. However, satellites allow you to receive data without internet connection, but you can’t use them to send. With a mesh network, it is possible to bypass internet to send data. And that’s what the developers of Dogecoin seem to have put in place! Elon Musk’s crazy plans for DOGE are underway.

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