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Rain of cryptos and migration to Polygon for The Sandbox

new homeland – The Sandbox announces the deployment of its LAND on Polygon (MATIC), a migration with rewards in mSAND (the equivalent of the SAND token) which aims to stimulate the migration of its non-fungible tokens (NFT) from Ethereum (ETH) , to its second layer.

The Sandbox greens its LANDs on Polygon

The Sandbox had been preparing for this big maneuver since last year. Here we are ! The metaverse announced that he was ” ready to deploy LAND on Polygon, in his tweet of June 28, 2022. He unveiled a bridge that LAND NFTs and SAND tokens will be able to borrow, to migrate from Ethereum to its second layer.

Publication of The Sandbox – Source: Twitter

Classic problems, classic solution ! The Sandbox thus offers a bridge to its users, so that they can escape the high gas fees on Ethereum, and relatively slow transactions.

Polygon offers better conditions for executing SAND and LAND transactions. And while the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere, Ethereum’s second layer would sport that color nicely, being carbon neutral.

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The red carpet for LAND migrants

The Sandbox wants to make Polygon the new home for its LANDs. Through different forms of incentivesthe metaverse encourages the migration of its NFTs to the second layer of Ethereum.

For each NFT ported to Polygon, The Sandbox offers its users a cashback of 10 mSANDthe equivalent of SAND on layer 2 of Ethereum (about $10 at the current price of this native cryptocurrency of the platform).

It will also launch staking programs for LANDs and mSANDs, as well as metaverse NFT sales features on Polygon.

Is Ethereum emptying of its projects?

Ethereum is buckling under the weight of decentralized finance and NFT projects. The network is frequently singled out for its gas charges deemed excessive, and for its congestion problems.

These criticisms of the network, however, should soon be a thing of the past, after the effective switch from proof of work to proof of stake on the network. This update is supposed to increase the scalability of the blockchain.

Apart from this upgrade, the attractiveness of Ethereum already benefits today from the extent of its ecosystem. Migrations are not thus exclusively in one direction, to the benefit of its second layers.

In October 2021, the Aavegotchis teams announced the launch of a bridge between Ethereum and Polygon to offer holders of these NFTs the possibility of sending their assets hosted on layer 2, to the Rarible platform which is on … Ethereum.

The Sandbox opens the scalability bridge to its LANDs and SANDs. The metaverse is using Polygon to support its scaling, with an influx of users that should theoretically continue to grow over the long term, thanks to projects like building a neighborhood inspired by Times Square.

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