Renault champion of the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe

Renault ranks first for lowest CO emissions2. The French certainly arrives behind Tesla, but the American only sells 100% electric models. Among the traditional manufacturers selling multi-energy vehicles (gasoline, diesel, hybrid, rechargeable, electric), the diamond firm was well ahead of its rivals with average emissions of 86.7 grams per kilometer last year in Europe, according to the study by data collector Jato Dynamics published on April 21. Up from the 98 grams of 2020.

These results are obtained partly thanks to the electric Zoé, but also to the hybrid and rechargeable E-Tech models on the Clio, Captur, Arkana. Renault also benefits from the fact that it mainly sells small models, which by definition consume less energy and therefore emit less greenhouse gas than the large ones. Korean hyundai climbed to second place (excluding Tesla) with similar results (89.9 grams). The European average stands at 99 grams (117.7 grams per kilometer the previous year). For the first time, emissions therefore fell below 100.

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