Rhone. Ex-basketball player Tony Parker, next sports minister?

Who to succeed Roxana Maracineanu? The bets are open ! For this “small position” (only 970 million euros in budget), Emmanuel Macron had chosen to appoint a former high-level sportswoman. So why not reiterate? According to our colleagues from L’Equipe, Tony Parker would be in the short list.

The Olympic adventure

In view of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the next on the list will have a lot to do. For this, Tony Parker knows how to manage. The former basketball champion (in the NBA and in the France team), and current president of ASVEL has succeeded in everything he has undertaken in his life. Moreover, Emmanuel Macron is not a distant personality for him. Indeed, the two men have already met several times and are rather close.

Finally… Dozens of arguments play in favor of Parker, but should he still want this poisoned gift. Because is not Minister of Sports who wants. What’s more, his name is not the only one to stand out in the list of favorites for the position. Roxana Maracineanu could even be her own successor.

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