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Rivian copies Tesla and cares for pets in cars

Tesla has its “Dog Mode” (dog mode in French), and Rivian now has its “Pet Mode” (literally “pet mode”), designed to allow you to leave your pet in your parked vehicle for a few minutes. Explanations.

After emulating Tesla and its sentry mode, electric vehicle maker Rivian has updated its fleet of remote vehicles to offer a new feature: a pet-only mode.

For the happiness of man’s best friend

If the sight of a pet on board a parked vehicle can be very scary for its health depending on the weather, some manufacturers are starting to offer a dedicated mode allowing the animals to be left in safetyat a temperature safe for dogs, cats or other pets transported in the passenger compartment.

This is for Rivian to respond to one of the most popular requests from owners of the brand’s electric pick-up truck, which is openly geared towards adventure in remote areas. The operating conditions are rather clear for this “Pet Mode”: the vehicle must have at least 80 kilometers of remaining range, be parked, and the chosen temperature may vary between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius.

A message on the vehicle screen

The vehicle’s central screen will then display a way to inform those concerned about the health of the occupants on all fours that they are safe on board, with the air conditioning (or heating) on.

This feature is quite popular among Tesla owners who travel with their animals, and some Rivian owners wanted to warn the parent company about this lack, which has now been filled.

Currently unavailable in Europe, the Rivian R1T (pick-up) and the Rivian R1S (SUV) have begun to be delivered to the first American customers, but we were still able to take a seat on board the Rivian R1T recently.

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