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Robert Lewandowski smashes Bayern Munich

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The war of words is officially launched between Bayern Munich and Robert Lewandowski. Upset by the desires of departure of its Polish star, the German club does not digest. “I’m a little surprised that Robert chose to go public, I wouldn’t have done it in his place. (…) I think he knows very well what he has at Bayern, namely a club that treats its players very well, that does everything to allow them to give the best of themselves. And I must say that the appreciation is not a one-way street”regretted Herbert Hainer, the president, two days ago.

Always in the sights of FC Barcelona, ​​​​which is visibly struggling to raise the sum demanded by the Bavarian management, the striker is still determined to leave Bayern to join Catalonia one year from the end of his contract. At 33, he needs a new project and he won’t go back on his decision. His remarks on OnetSportof which we had a simple glimpse yesterday, speaks volumes about his state of mind at the moment. “Something in me is extinguished. And I can’t get over it. I’m leaving because I want more emotions in my life.”he begins.

He criticizes the attitude of Bayern

He goes on to shed light on a relationship that has grown strained over time, despite shared success. “When you’ve been at a club for so many years, always available to play, despite injuries and pain, giving your best, I think it’s best to find a good solution for both parties. And do not look for a unilateral decision. That does not make sense. Not after all this time. » According to him, he gave Bayern so much that the club should let him go as a service.

“Which footballer would want to come to Bayern knowing that such a thing could happen to him? Where then is loyalty and respect? I’ve always been ready, I’ve had eight great years here, I’ve met so many great people and I want it to stay that way in my mind. I could understand if I had played here for two or four years, but after such a successful career, my willpower and support, loyalty and respect are probably more important than this case. » A beautiful love story that unfortunately ends badly.



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