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Rontignon: the trailer thief betrayed by the cameras in a Tesla

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Noël Adèle, 47 years old in a few days, comes to court with already 15 convictions for aggravated theft. “The facts are there, he is breathing. It is so abused by me. This August 13, he is not in a good period. “I was not at the top. “He would have gone “to the edge of the gave” to relax, when he came across this “crowd of vehicles”, in the square of the town hall of Rontignon, where a wedding was being celebrated.

“High quality” images

“I saw the bags, I took them,” he sums up. I blame myself a lot, especially towards the victims. I am ashamed of my family. I am sorry to come to this again at my age. »

At the end of the investigation carried out by the Lescar research brigade, the suspect was arrested on Tuesday morning by the PSIG in Pau.


To arrive at this recognition of the facts, Noël Adèle, who at first tried to deny, had to be confronted with the overwhelming evidence that the gendarmes put under his nose after arresting him last Tuesday. In this case, images that the prosecutor Rodolphe Jarry will praise “the rarely observed quality”, filmed by the cameras … of a Tesla vehicle parked in the town hall square in Rontignon.

The Tesla’s ‘super high quality cameras’ were triggered as the thief approached, who is clearly seen putting on his gloves and smashing a vehicle’s window ‘in one go’ before grabbing the car. ‘a bag. Another person appears in the photos. “I am always accompanied,” evades the defendant. I’m not going to report him and get myself into more trouble than I already have. »

It is therefore alone that he answers for thefts in meetings with humiliations. And the facts arose while he was under an electronic bracelet. A measure which had also been suspended for a few days at the time of the events for medical reasons.

“Mashed in the Brain”

“These health problems did not prevent you from committing thefts from the trailer,” notes President Jean-Pierre Boucher. When you’re almost 50, when do you stop? Noël Adèle admits that he has “the bad habit of finding himself in complicated situations in court”. He tries an explanation: “I think I have a little corner of my brain where there is a little mashed potato. »

“Nothing has caused him to deviate from his criminal path since the age of 20 and his first conviction,” replies prosecutor Jarry. I think I can even say that he will continue to fly as soon as he is free and there is a wedding in the village square. He demands 4 years in prison and the suspension of a suspended sentence of 4 months.

A “sideline from society” which seems “extreme” in the eyes of defense lawyer Me Lorea Chipi. To her, these “incomprehensible” actors are “pathetic”. “If it doesn’t make sense, it raises questions,” she notes, pleading for “measurement” in the sanction. Noël Adèle is sentenced to 2 years in prison and 4 months suspended in addition. He has been taken to the detention center.



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