Rüdiger at Real Madrid, an operation at 59 M€

When a club recruits a player at the end of the contract, we usually read that the club in question has made a nice deal at 0 euros, which is far from being true in practice. There is indeed each time a nice signing bonus and commissions to be paid to agents and intermediaries. The Antonio Rüdiger case is a good example.

At the end of his contract at Chelsea, the 29-year-old German central defender was targeted by several big European clubs, from Bayern Munich to Barça, via PSG. But it was finally Real Madrid who won the bet according to several concordant sources.

€9m salary, €8m signing bonus

This Friday, Marca reveals the details of the operation. Rüdiger will sign a four-year contract at Real Madrid where he will receive a net salary of €9m per year. To this amount must be added a signing bonus of €8 million, which will be paid up to €2 million per year over the duration of the contract. Each year, Rüdiger will therefore receive €11 million net, but that’s not all. Real Madrid also agreed to pay €15 million in commissions to the player’s agents.

In total, the Rüdiger operation will therefore cost Real Madrid around €59 million (not including social charges), which is still an interesting investment over 4 years for a player who has proven his worth at the highest level on the side. from Chelsea for the past two years.

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