Rudy Gobert stung by a bee before Game 6 against Dallas

Rudy Gobert showed up Thursday night on social media, sporting a puffy face. The reason ? A bee sting, from a hive he has at his home in Salt Lake City. Not surprisingly, since Utah is nicknamed ” hive state “.

However, no worries for the health of the Utah Jazz pivot, who reassured a few hours before game 6 of the first round of the play-offs between his franchise and the Dallas Mavericks: his vision is not affected and he will be able to keep his place well (at 4 am in the night from Thursday to Friday). Better: the Frenchman swears that bee stings are beneficial.

“I always felt great in the days that followed (a bee sting) each time”

“It’s actually quite good. It doesn’t look like it right away… but there are health benefits. Some people make sure they get bitten. » And to add, when he revealed that he had already been stung twice before: “I always felt great in the days that followed each time. »


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