Samsung confirms the imminent arrival of Google Assistant on its watch

Google Assistant is probably one of the most requested features on the Galaxy Watch 4, and it looks like the company is set to launch the assistant very soon, as it appeared in an advertisement uploaded to YouTube.

Credit: Samsung Spain

The best Android smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, is coming soon an important new feature: Google Assistant. We’ve been looking forward to Google Assistant on Samsung’s watch for several months now, despite it running Google’s Wear OS 3 operating system.

Recently, a software update from US carrier Verizon appeared to include support for Google Assistant. Verizon had also provided a few screenshots of how you can access Assistant in the Settings > Google > Assistant menus, and even added a toggle button to turn on the “wake word” Hey Google “. However, Google had finally declared that “Assistant is not rolling out to the Galaxy Watch 4 and we don’t have an update on the schedule “. However, a Samsung advertisement has just confirmed the imminent arrival of Google Assistant on his smartwatch.

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Google Assistant is coming soon to the Galaxy Watch 4

In an advertisement posted on YouTube by the Samsung Spain account, the Korean giant teased the arrival of the Google Assistant on its connected watch. In effect, the ad shows a man asking his Galaxy Watch 4 to play music on YouTube Music using the Google Assistant trigger word “Hey Google”. Google Assistant only appears for 3 seconds in the ad, but its presence hints that the feature should be rolling out soon.

The ad is not available on Samsung’s main YouTube channel at this time, which raises some questions as to whether or not it was uploaded by accident. Indeed, it is strange that an advertisement highlights Google Assistant whilethere is no information yet on the launch date of the Assistant on the device. Anyway, now that Galaxy Watch 4 owners have seen the ad, it shouldn’t take long for Samsung to share a release date for the feature.

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