Samsung would take inspiration from Tesla for its future smartphone batteries

Samsung is preparing to use a new technology for its batteries, drawing inspiration from what is already being done for electric vehicles in order to obtain more energy-dense cells with better autonomy.

Samsung Galaxy S21 battery // Source: iFixit

More power, less space. This is the problem that all smartphone manufacturers have to face at one time or another. That’s why Samsung has looked to electric cars to find new ways to get more efficiency from its batteries while maintaining their current size, according to The Elec.

A technology created by Samsung for electric vehicles

Samsung would like to try a new technique which notably allows the batteries of electric vehicles to occupy less space while offering increased power. Which turns out to be a boon for smartphone makers.

This technology has begun to be developed by Samsung SDI, the battery division of the Korean giant and is already present in the batteries of electric vehicles. The cells currently present in our smartphones use the so-called “Jelly roll” technique which consists of rolling the components together, but which does not offer optimal compactness. With this technique, the batteries cannot be tightly packed because of the natural swelling produced during charging and discharging which would then bend the electrodes and damage the whole.

Samsung would take inspiration from Tesla for its future smartphone batteries
Diagram of the different battery designs // Source: GSMArena

More compact, but just as durable

This new method will allow the battery components to be stacked in successive layers and will result in 10% greater compactness. This will allow for example a 5000 mAh battery to increase to 5500 mAh while keeping the same size. But we could also allow the reverse with this method to save space in smartphones by designing smaller, but more efficient batteries to be able to add other functionalities (the jack for example….).

Samsung is reportedly working in Korea to modify its production lines to produce these new batteries. The brand would also seek to obtain orders from Apple for this novelty, which already provides batteries for iPads and MacBooks. No timetable is yet planned for the arrival of this type of battery, but we hope that it will come to life quickly.

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