Samuel Eto’o and Cameroon burn Djamel Belmadi

On Sunday, Djamel Belmadi announced that he would remain at the helm of the Algerian national team during an interview with FAF-TV. The coach also took the opportunity to settle a few accounts, he who still has not digested the 2-1 defeat and the elimination of the race for the next World Cup for his team. “We will never let 2-3 people conspire against us again. No referee will come to undermine an entire country. When I saw this referee sitting in the airport lounge the next day having a coffee as if nothing had happened.. I flew, I saw him in Turkey to tell him what I thought .”

What’s next after this ad

Statements that do not pass at all in Cameroon. Last night, Fécafoot, chaired by Samuel Eto’o, published an incendiary press release. “The Cameroonian Football Federation expresses its deep concern following the remarks made on April 24, 2022 by Mr. Djamel Belmadi, the coach-selector of the Fennecs of Algeria, following the match counting for the play-offs Zone Africa de la Qatar 2022 World Cup (…) Cameroon reserves the right to bring the matter before the FIFA Ethics Commission in the coming days. Fécafoot disputes these defamatory allegations instilled in an allusive manner and repeatedly formulated by Algerian football leaders. She regrets that the persistence of this long-term controversy is likely to cause incidents similar to the verbal aggression suffered by Cameroonian officials on April 1 in Doha on the sidelines of the draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.. To be continued…

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