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Second edition of Tesla Owners Day in Clermont-Ferrand with 200 Tesla gathered on the tracks of Ladoux

“We are partners of this club and this reflects our company’s commitment to sustainable mobility. In addition, we supply tires to the Tesla brand. It was therefore logical for us to bring them into the Michelin universe,” explains Sabine Lietaert, France marketing director for the tourism tire section of the Clermont-based multinational.

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A few meters further, a speaker announces a conference on the theme “reconciling charging and controlling consumption”, which is about to begin.
But beware, the man at the microphone is not just anyone since he is Cyril Touchet, president of the Tesla Owners Club France.

The club has existed for two years, it has 900 members and this is the second time that we have organized such an event. There are participants from all over France and even Europe, since we have invited foreign clubs.

In total, more than 400 people, some of them with family, gathered on the Ladoux circuit with a multitude of activities on offer: conferences, lap of the track assisted by a coach, baptism in a Ferrari 488 and a Porsche GT3 RS2 with experienced drivers, gala evening…

A real community

“Tesla owners, who are more and more numerous in France, have common values, because if they appreciate the pleasure of driving such a high-performance vehicle, they do not neglect the sustainable development aspect. . This even encourages them to extend their eco-responsible behavior by consuming green energy, for example,” continues the club president.

Among the participants in this second edition of Tesla Owners Day, Arnaud d’Épernay (Marne) and owner of a Tesla 3 Long Rage.
“This event is an opportunity to discuss with other owners but also to enjoy activities. This afternoon, I’m going to ride on the track, accompanied by a coach. I will understand how my car reacts in all circumstances in a secure environment. »

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