Smart lenses, future success for Samsung, Sony and Google?

The tech giants have been working on “Smart” contact lenses for a while, the next spearhead of augmented reality?

Connected contact lenses equipped with screens to deliver content directly to the eye, adding digital layers to reality (augmented reality), or even equipped with cameras The Batman ? What still seems to be in the realm of fiction could happen sooner than you think.

Smart lenses, market of the future?

Already in 2012, we mentioned the subject, before relaying a patent filed by Sony in 2016. Samsung also filed a patent in this area the same year and, more recently, various analysts have seen Apple be strongly interested in augmented reality via contact lenses.

GlobalMarketVision recently published a study on the smart lenses market, covering the period 2020‑2027. We learn that industry observers expect an explosion in this emerging sector in the years to come. The companies that will lead the dance will be, according to the study, Samsung, Sony, Google and Sensimed AG.

Will the public follow this technology?

In addition to filing patents, these companies have been working for several years on various “Smart” technologies based on the use of optical elements. It remains to be seen who will be the first to come forward to offer this gadget of the future. And above all, will the public follow?


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