Solana Price Crashes, Investors Join Bitgert Massively! here’s why

The Bitgert project is among the most discussed cryptocurrencies in the world.

Crypto markets have crashed for most of this week. In fact, all major crypto-currencies posted a dip, with Bitgert falling below $40k and Ethereum trading below $3k at the time of writing. Solana is also one of the plummeting cryptocurrencies during the current bear market.

But some coins have been bullish during this time, and Bitgert is one of them. The Bitgert (BREISE) coin was skyrocketing when almost all major cryptocurrencies crashed.

This is why Solana investors and many other people from other cryptocurrencies have joined Bitgert in large numbers. On the same subject : Crypto-currencies: how far can Solana, Ethereum and Bitcoin prices go?. But why has Bitgert become such a sensation in 2022? Well, read on:


The Bitgert project is among the most discussed cryptocurrencies in the world. This can be seen in Google search trends, where Bitgert performed very well against some of the top 10 coins. See also: Crypto investment: Which cryptocurrencies to buy in the long term? 2022 โ€“ 2030. Bitgert also hit a new ATH this year, as currencies like Solana reached their lowest price in the last 5 months.

The price of Bitgert has skyrocketed in the last weeks of 2022 due to the disruptive products that the Bitgert team has launched. The BRC20 blockchain is certainly the product that has caused the price of Bitgert to skyrocket over the past few days. This is due to its zero gas fee feature and also the fastest blockchain. The Bitgert blockchain is also faster than the Solana chain.

Bitgert’s V2 roadmap is also one of the reasons major cryptocurrency investors are joining Bitgert. The new roadmap features a huge collection of disruptive products that the team is building which will cause the Bitgert coin to skyrocket. There is also a massive number of products coming into the Bitgert ecosystem. The team says more than 1000 projects will join the Bitgert ecosystem in the coming days.

There are so many things about the Bitgert project that attract crypto investors, even big cryptocurrencies. Crypto expert says Bitgert could be the next big thing in the industry and a project having the potential to skyrocket by 100x. This is due to the powerful product that the Bitgert team is building. Bitgert is definitely a project to watch this year.


Investors from the Solana community join Bitgert, including its whales. This is an indication that Bitgert is quickly becoming more attractive than Solana as a crypto investment. This is why the Solana crypto community is increasingly switching to this coin due to a higher possibility of making good returns.

Solana blockchain speed has been surpassed by Bitgert 100k TPS On the same topic: Become a multi-millionaire player! Top 3 cryptos backed by P2E and the Metaverse: Pacman Frog (PAC), Solana (SOL) and Gala Games (GALA)., and this is where the latter became a concern. This has also started attracting Solana investors, as she understands the potential of the fastest channel. While Solana can make her chain faster, beating Bitgert’s speed could be a big deal.

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