Soon a Tesla backpack? The brand registers the name CYBERBACKPACK

Tesla has registered the CYBERBACKPACK trademark. At the same time, a website that used this name to sell a backpack with an aesthetic close to the Cybertruck was taken offline.

What if Tesla one day marketed a backpack that borrows the aesthetics of its Cybertruck? The Electrek site, which specializes in electric mobility, has spotted a trademark filing that could well give hope to fans of Elon Musk and Tesla products. At the beginning of April 2022, the company registered the CYBERBACKPACK brand, which literally means “cyber backpack”.

The Cybertruck has become a kind of sea serpent in the Tesla universe: presented in November 2019, the electric pickup with an improbable look was supposed to be released in 2021, then in 2022, then in 2023. The American company’s loyal customers n only had the mini-Cyberquad to get their teeth into: a children’s version of a quad, also shown for the first time in 2019, which has still not been marketed since.

The look of the cyberbackpack marketed by a fan // Source:

A Cyberbackpack already existed

To make his fans wait a little longer, will Tesla be looking at a new derivative product? After the mini-shorts, the whistle and the beer, it would not be impossible for the manufacturer to embark on a new unusual production.

The name CyberBackpack is not unknown, however: as Electrek rightly noted, the term was recently coined by a TikTokeur named Rice. In a video published in March 2022, he presents a kind of hybrid backpack that takes up the style of the Cybertruck, which he would have designed himself. There is a USB port on the side and a padlock to keep it closed.

On the site, he put it on sale for 199 dollars. “ Riz’s dream is for the Cyberbackpack to end up listed on Tesla’s official website as a derivative product “, it was written. Bad luck, since Tesla registered the CYBERBACKPACK brand, the site is now offline.

Riz introduced himself as a Tesla fan, waiting for his Cybertruck. Maybe Tesla struck a deal with its aficionado, or maybe the company didn’t like using a brand too close to its own. In any case, the firm now owns the term CYBERBACKPACK, and can do with it what it wishes.

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