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Soon the end of recess for the Tesla Model 3?

After several good months in 2021, the Tesla Model 3 could come to a halt in 2022. The fault, in particular, of a hell of a price increase but also of ups and downs in arrivals and the end of certain advantages in choosing it …

For more than a year, the Tesla Model 3 has broken sales record after sales record, independently of a yoyo curve which is explained by periodic arrivals by boat from the other continents where it is assembled, whether whether the United States or China. The best-selling electric in France (and in Europe), but also the most purchased family sedan, don’t believe that the “3” only appeals to companies, it’s precisely the opposite. But it could be that the year 2022 sounds the end of recess for the American. Over the first 3 months of the year, it remains one of the rare models whose sales are increasing in the top 15 of sales (+ 15% to 6,636 copies), but the growth is no longer exponential then that the last arrival dates from the month of March. Its sales are even down among individuals in March (-15%).

Moreover, the Model 3 owed a lot of its results to its entry-level, billed at €43,800 just a few weeks ago and which therefore gave access to the maximum CO2 bonus of €6,000. At 37,800 €, the American was thus really attractive, because its performance, even at the entry level, makes already well-capped sports cars blush while the autonomy and more generally the energy management are among the best and the simplicity of the Supercharger network is still a benchmark.

A big price increase for the Tesla Model 3!

However, for a few weeks, Tesla has violently turned the labels of its “3”. Over several increases, as always unjustified, the price of the smallest Tesla is now € 49,990. With the double effect that she is therefore no longer eligible for the maximum bonus in France but for the minimum rebate of €2,000. Between the gross price increase and the loss of part of the tax benefit, inflation therefore reaches € 10,000 for the entry-level model ! What seriously cool buyers. Not to mention that the brand has planned to open its chargers to other users, losing one of the main interests in choosing it over others, and that the next Model 3 deliveries are not expected before November 2022. What to hesitate with an increasingly sharp and varied competition. This year should therefore not be as good as the previous one for the American.

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Published on 04/07/2022 Updated 04/07/2022



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