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Spectacular Tesla accident, Pixel 7a news and the censored ending of a James Bond: this is the summary

Today in the summary. A spectacular accident in China aboard a Tesla (video), news about the Google Pixel 7a and the ending considered too sado-masochistic by a former James Bond.

Today in summary: a spectacular accident leaves two dead in a Tesla, a developer manages to collect information about the Google Pixel 7a, and the censored end of a James Bond appears online.

Model Y hits everything in its path before crashing into a store

A dramatic accident involving a Tesla Model Y in China has resulted in two deaths and three injuries. CCTV video of the accident shows an out-of-control Model Y crashing into road users.

Read: Tesla: this spectacular accident with an out-of-control Model Y leaves 2 dead and 3 injured in China

64 MPX sensor, 90 Hz display and wireless charging for the Pixel 7a

A developer managed to find a lot of information about the Pixel 7a specification in Google’s software code. If we don’t know anything official about it yet, the Pixel 7a updates would be colossal compared to the Pixel 6a.

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James Bond: a scene too suggestive

Seventh James Bond film, Diamonds are forever should have ended differently. But the censors have been there. We explain everything below.

Read: The too “sado-maso” end of this James Bond was censored



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