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Stanislas Guerini will not deal with Google-related topics to avoid any conflict of interest

Marie-Luce Conrard, his wife, is director of strategy and operations at Google Cloud France. For this reason, Elisabeth Borne will take care of questions relating to the company.

The Minister of Public Service, Stanislas Guerini, will not deal with subjects “of any kind” related to Alphabet, the parent company of Google where his wife works, according to a decree published Wednesday, June 8 in the Official Journal (JO).

“The Minister of Transformation and the Public Service (Stanislas Guerini) is not aware of acts of any kind relating to the company Alphabet Inc. and its subsidiaries as well as acts relating to the cloud hosting of State data “, it is thus clarified.

“The corresponding powers are exercised” by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, in accordance with a decree of 1959.

According to this last decree, “the minister who considers himself to be in a situation of conflict of interest informs the Prime Minister in writing, specifying the content of the questions for which he considers that he should not exercise his powers. A decree determines, consequently, the powers that the Prime Minister exercises in place of the minister concerned”, is it detailed.

Tied to his wife’s duties

The text published on June 8, 2022 in the OJ “is linked to the functions of his wife” Marie-Luce Conrard, the ministry confirmed to AFP.

She works at Google Cloud France as “director of strategy and operations, excluding the public sector”, according to information published on her LinkedIn account.

Despite this partial shift, Stanislas Guerini should continue to lead the Interministerial Digital Department (Dinum).

“The Minister of Transformation and the Public Service has authority over the interministerial digital management”, thus specified an award decree in early June.

Victoria Beurnez with AFP



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