STEPN: users victims of hacks?

A hacker is looking for a shoe that fits – Launched in December 2021, StepN quickly became the go-to Move2Earn protocol in the ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi). Unsurprisingly, this success has attracted the envy of malicious users.

Phishing alert on StepN

StepN is the new phenomenon that has been igniting the cryptocurrency ecosystem for several months. The concept is simple, the app rewards users based on their physical activity.

In practice, users must own a pair of StepN sneakers in the form of NFTs to earn rewards.

Unfortunately, the application’s resounding success has attracted its share of malicious users.

Thus, on Monday April 25, the company specializing in the analysis and security of blockchains, peck shield sounded the alarm bell.

“PeckShield has detected a multitude of StepN phishing sites. They insert a fake Metamask browser extension leading to steal your seed phrase or prompt you to connect your wallets or “claim” a giveaway. »

Alert tweet posted by Peckshield – Source: Twitter.

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Hackers have cloned the STEPN site

Indeed, Peckshield announces having discovered a variety of phishing sites. The latter pretend to be StepN in order to steal the NFTs of Move2Earn users.

As a reminder, a phishing site is a site that reproduces identically that of a project. The objective is to make the user believe that he is using the official site, to diminish his attention and push him to validate fraudulent transactions.

No information regarding the number of users who have been trapped has yet been disclosed.

For their part, the teams of StepN have not yet communicated regarding this matter. A lack of communication criticized by several users following the publication of Peckshield.

Phishing attacks affect many trending projects. Indeed, the emblematic collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club paid the price for this type of attackresulting in the loss of several dozen NFTs.

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