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Stock Exchange Monday, July 4

Journalist specializing in economics and finance


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An economic journalist accustomed to television sets and a fine connoisseur of the economic, financial and heritage industry, Roxane Nojac masters the verb and the audiovisual.
Roxane goes around the world every day with her world press review and selects for you the subjects that will make the headlines of tomorrow.

Every morning, Roxane Nojac gives you an overview of foreign financial media. Stocks, currencies, unmissable news… Plante Bourse reads the front pages for you!

Citigroup, Ryanair, Volvo, Volkswagen, Amazon, Orpéa, Tesla, Rite Aid, Google, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Hyundai, Apple, Credit Suisse make the headlines of this press review! 2022



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