“Three quarters of cryptocurrencies will disappear”

“Theoretically, bitcoin could drop to zero. But this probability is very low, ”said Julien Maldonato. 284945001/LLUIS – stock.adobe.com MAINTENANCE – For Julien Maldonato, partner at Deloitte, in charge of the financial industry, it is very unlikely that bitcoin will fall to zero. LE FIGARO. – Bitcoin has already lost 57% of its value since the … Read more

Finance: why cryptocurrencies are collapsing

By Daniele Guinot Posted There are 3 minutes, Update There are 3 minutes For the first time since the end of 2020, bitcoin fell below the symbolic bar of 20,000 dollars (17,599 dollars) on Saturday. denisismagilov – stock.adobe.com ANALYSIS – Market reversals are commonplace with cryptocurrencies, which alternate up and down cycles. But the current … Read more

“Cryptocurrencies: Time for Existential Questions”

Today, cryptocurrencies are used very little to pay. LP/WESTOCK – stock.adobe.com ANALYSIS – In recent years, cryptocurrencies have served more to speculate than to develop a new use. Will they soon be relegated to the storehouse of forgotten speculative objects? The bursting of the cryptocurrency bubble forces us to ask ourselves a major question: is … Read more

What are the solutions in the event of a withdrawal freeze?

By Elsa Trujillo Posted 5 hours ago, Update 4 hours ago Last week, nearly 2 million holders of cryptoassets on the American platform Celsius found themselves unable to complete fund transfers. DADO RUVIC / REUTERS OUR ADVICES – The major exchange platforms, affected by the drop in prices, are suspending transfers and withdrawals. There are … Read more

Mica and TFR, two texts at the heart of European debates – Liberation

Decryption Article reserved for subscribers After a black Monday in the market which saw the price of bitcoin fall, the European Parliament has again battled over the regulation of cryptocurrencies. “Libé” takes stock of the measures that divide elected officials and the crypto community. Petitions, press releases and even aggressive campaigning on social networks… For … Read more

Is Bitcoin a good investment strategy for you?

(Photo: 123RF) The Questions for my accountant section is signed by accounting science students from the University of Quebec in Outaouais (UQO). Volatile since its inception, very volatile in recent weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) has been attracting more and more attention from investors in recent years. An important question arises: is BTC a good investment strategy … Read more

Banks led to bankruptcy by the digital dollar

(Photo: 123RF) LES KEYS DE LA CRYPTO is a section that patiently decodes the world of cryptocurrency and its stock market, industrial and media turmoil. François Remy’s mission is to identify promising entrepreneurs, decode technical progress and anticipate the industrial and societal impacts of this digital currency. (Illustration: Camille Charbonneau) Faith of bankers, the “FedCoin” … Read more

50 billion dollars gone up in smoke – Liberation

The cryptocurrency sector suffered a major earthquake this week: two cryptocurrencies, Terra (though supposed to be pegged to the dollar) and Luna, lost most of their capitalization. Clouds are gathering around the ecosystem. Two cryptocurrencies have unscrewed this week, the valuation of one of them even falling to zero. A cryptocurrency, unlike a stock, generally … Read more

Texas, the new El Dorado for bitcoin mining

Since China banned the manufacturing of the main cryptocurrency a year ago, huge “data centers” have fled to Texas, where electricity is cheap. Because bitcoin mining engulfs energy resources in astronomical quantities. But this industry, which revitalizes certain rural towns, poses a risk to the environment. Report. “This is the most photographed place on our … Read more