“A year ago I was swimming two kilometers a day, today I go out in an electric wheelchair”

ALS causes progressive weakness and then muscle wasting associated with muscle twitches. Adobe Stock TESTIMONY – On the occasion of the world day of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – or “Charcot’s disease” -, Le Figaro collected the testimony of Katherine, 67, recently affected by this destructive and incurable pathology. It is one of those rare diseases … Read more

A successful liver makeover could revolutionize transplants

STORY – A graft was kept for three days, and treated, before being reimplanted in a patient. “A race against time”is how all professionals describe organ transplantation. Twelve hours for the liver, four for the heart: the maximum time between removal and reimplantation depends on the organ but never exceeds a few hours. Beyond that, … Read more

stings in the eye to slow the progression of the disease

REPORTAGE – This disease, which leads to loss of vision, affects a quarter of people over 75 years old. Every day at the Quinze-Vingts hospital in Paris, 80 patients receive treatment directly injected into the eye to slow down its development. A spring morning at the Quinze-Vingts National Hospital in Paris. The man who has … Read more

Treating cancers according to their genetic abnormalities and no longer according to the organ

DECRYPTION – An innovative therapy has been tested on tumors of the breast, pancreas, and nearly twenty other locations. Have a tumor of the salivary glands or pancreas and be offered licensed therapy for bladder cancers. If the approach may surprise at first glance, it is increasingly widespread for the management of certain oncological patients. … Read more

Back pain: the anti-inflammatories in question

DECRYPTION – A study raises the question of their responsibility in the chronicization of back pain. The risk is great, for each of us, to suffer at least once in our life from low back pain, that is to say pain whose source is located between the 12e thoracic vertebra and the intergluteal fold. Very … Read more

86 dead in 24 hours, 15,488 hospitalized patients

The decline continues at the hospital: less than 1,000 patients are currently being treated in critical care units. 86 people died of Covid-19 this Monday, May 30 at the hospital, according to the daily report of the organization Public Health France, that is to say 42 more than Friday, where we deplored 44 victims. Read … Read more

Tattoos to heal souls and beautify damaged bodies

After a mastectomy or to hide alopecia or scoliosis, “therapeutic” tattoos are on the rise. “I was tired of being blind on one breast!” The four cancers she contracted over a period of fifteen years have in no way damaged the humor of Elisa Fernandez. At the beginning of the year, after a third breast … Read more

Detected cases of monkeypox may just be ‘tip of the iceberg’, says WHO

Some 200 cases of monkey pox have been detected in recent weeks, in countries where the virus does not usually circulate. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Friday May 27 that the approximately 200 cases of monkeypox detected in recent weeks, in countries where the virus does not usually circulate, could be only “tip … Read more

more than 200 confirmed cases worldwide

The total number of cases identified on Wednesday has almost quintupled since its first tally on May 20, when there were 38 cases. The number of confirmed cases of monkeypox worldwide reached 219 on Wednesday outside countries where the disease is endemic, according to a report released by the European Union’s disease agency. A total … Read more

A mysterious and unknown civilization of the Amazon is revealed from the sky

STORY – Sightings by plane have unearthed the remains of a vanished culture deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Dense, hostile, uninhabitable, the Amazonian forest has nevertheless sheltered complex and interconnected civilizations for several centuries. A new study published in the journal Nature reveals the existence of about twenty sites in an area … Read more