In Puy-de-Dôme, the first cases of monkey pox continue to flow

Monkey pox, or Monkeypox, arrived in Europe at the end of spring. The World Health Organization has already identified more than 18,000 cases worldwide. In France, as of August 18, 2,889 cases had been recorded. Decryption of this new epidemic with Christine Jacomet, doctor in the infectious and tropical diseases department of the Clermont-Ferrand University … Read more

how gay lifestyles are changed – Liberation

GRANDSTAND Article reserved for subscribers Author Arthur Vacher observes the fear, resourcefulness and confusion within the LGBT community to access the vaccine and adapt their sexual practices since the appearance of the virus in early June. Weeks of inertia from the health authorities. The slowness of the vaccination and prevention campaign against monkeypox has already … Read more

the big vaccination center in Paris recalls vaccinated people

This recall is due to a faulty refrigerator which prevented the conservation of vaccines at the correct temperature. A break in the cold chain at the beginning of August within the large Parisian vaccination center against monkeypox, requires repeating the injections carried out on those days, i.e. nearly 500 people, the town hall of Paris … Read more

“We are not in a hurry for vaccination,” says Agnès Firmin Le Bodo

The Minister Delegate for the Health Professions spoke on Wednesday morning about this virus, which has 2,000 declared cases in the country. Invited on Wednesday morning on RMC, the Minister Delegate for the Health Professions, Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, reacted to criticism that the implementation of vaccination against monkeypox was too late: “I do not … Read more

tests now 100% reimbursed in France – Liberation

The health authorities insist that this detection by test “should only be carried out in the event of persistent doubt after clinical examination”. Tests for the detection of the monkey pox virus will be reimbursed 100% by Health Insurance, said Saturday an order in the Official Journal, after a recommendation to this effect from the … Read more

the Île-de-France region first concerned

More than 1,300 cases have been declared in Île-de-France, where more than 8,000 vaccine injections have already been performed, i.e. 70% of vaccinations in France. With more than 1,300 cases declared in Île-de-France, including 15 female and 4 pediatric (including one under investigation), the Ile-de-France region is particularly affected by the monkeypox epidemic, underlines the … Read more

first death of a patient infected with monkeypox

This is the first death ever recorded in Europe of a patient infected with this disease. The Spanish Ministry of Health announced on Friday the death of a person suffering from monkeypox, considered to be the first death ever recorded in Europe of a patient infected with this disease. In Spain, one of the countries … Read more

the government will mobilize “additional arms” to vaccinate

The town hall of Paris called on Monday for “emergency measures” from the state to obtain more doses and personnel vaccinating against this disease. A specific vaccination center opens this Tuesday in the capital. The government announced on Monday July 25 to mobilize “extra armsto vaccinate against monkeypox, at a time when elected officials and … Read more

Inter-LGBT castigates the government’s “lack of preparation”

France has 1,567 confirmed cases of monkeypox, according to the latest report from Public Health France, established on Thursday, against 912 a week earlier. The Inter-LGBT “rebels“Monday July 25”in the face of inaction, lack of preparation and transparency of the governmentregarding the monkey pox epidemic, referring to “difficulties in making an appointment» for a vaccination … Read more