Jellyfish, mosquitoes: our best natural remedies to relieve itching

Mosquito saliva is a powerful anticoagulant that helps it draw blood. In contact with the skin, it can cause more or less intense itching. Rest assured, there are many ways to calm yourself down quickly. Ice cubes Nothing like the cold to soothe the itching. Ice cubes are a weapon of choice to numb temporary … Read more

Monkey pox: “We are facing a new pandemic”, warns Professor Caumes on LCI

However, the spread remains limited compared to that of Covid-19, a much more deadly disease – no death from monkeypox has so far been recorded in Europe, the disease generally recovering spontaneously. “Covid-19, a respiratory disease, is much more contagious than a disease that is transmitted through sexual contact or close intimate contact.explains √Čric Caumes. … Read more

Covid-19: an immunological deficiency responsible for almost a quarter of severe forms in vaccinees

A study was conducted on a cohort of 48 patients, aged 20 to 80, who developed a severe to critical form following an infection with the Delta variant, despite a complete vaccination schedule with an mRNA vaccine. As Inserm states in a press release, “The idea was thus to rule out severe forms that may … Read more

Pig heart transplant: the organ of the man, who has since died, was carrying a porcine virus

In a statement, the hospital said at the time that it had not identified “no cause” immediately upon his death. Now David Bennett’s surgeon, Bartley Griffith, seems to have found the key, however, as reported by the MIT Technology Review. On April 20, he revealed, in an online meeting, that the recipient’s heart was actually … Read more