teleworking, recharging your Tesla and good streaming plan at 20 € / month

Contents this week: why turn off the video during confcalls is a bad idea, Tesla opens its “longest” fast charging station in France, how to enjoy Canal+, OCS, Netflix, Disney+, Starzplay and more for €20 a month, and all about the latest sensation on Netflix – a Polish film called Furioza.

Don’t turn off your camera in a meeting, here’s why

With the generalization of teleworking, many French people have had to get used, willy-nilly, to the famous confcalls, Zoom meetings and other video calls. A phenomenon that not all employees and collaborators face the same way: in meetings, there are those who gladly put on video all the time and those who often – or even all the time – turn off their camera. However, according to a survey of 200 American business leaders, they should be wary: even if your boss does not seem to hold it against you, in fact, not showing up in these remote meetings is a very bad signal. . A sign of lack of involvement – and that you may have “no long-term future in [votre] work”. Explanations.

Tesla opens its “longest” fast charging station in France

Tesla Supercharger record

Tesla continues to invest massively in France. As a result of a partnership with the supermarket chain Leclerc, the car manufacturer has just opened a rather special fast charging site, since it represents de facto the longest skewer of Superchargers in the world – if not counting. more than the 36 units of Tesla’s largest fast-charging station. The terminals extend in all over a hundred meters. One way to reduce the problem of overloaded charging stations in which the brand’s customers sometimes have to wait far too long.

Subscribing to Netflix + Disney + Prime + OCS + … is too expensive? Take advantage of this good plan at 20 € per month!

We cannot say that the strengthening of competition in streaming platforms is necessarily good news for the consumer. In the past, indeed, Netflix was more or less self-sufficient. But as soon as Disney+ and Prime Video were launched, a lot of content left the platform for the competition – at the risk of ever more straining the budget of internet users. Thanks to this good plan at €20 per month, however, you will have access to almost everything (Canal+, OCS, Netflix, Disney+ and Starzplay) at a very friendly price.

All about Furioza the latest cinema sensation on Netflix

Furioza on Netflix

Don’t know what to watch on Netflix? Since this Wednesday, April 6, 2022, a Polish film based on hooligans, fighting tours and killings has been a hit. Furioza takes us behind the scenes of a gang of hooligans – it has already been watched for more than 24 million hours in total, which is an absolute record, especially for a film that no one expected two years ago. weeks and which has not been advertised by Netflix. Check out the synopsis and trailer.

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