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Telex: Google pushes Carbon to succeed C++, Drones assist firefighters, Dell boosts its PowerStore

– Google is pushing the Carbon language to succeed C++. Created in the 1980s, the latter is still widely used in the computing world, so Google’s announcement this week at the C++ North conference in Toronto that it was working on an “experimental successor to C++” sparked a keen interest from developers. Google explains that while C++ is the “dominant language for performance-critical software”, its legacy and technical debt mean that “incremental improvement of C++ is extremely difficult”. Carbon therefore strives to circumvent these legacy issues by adopting an approach based on the principles of open source. The current roadmap aims to complete version 0.1 of the language this year, 0.2 in 2023, and version 1.0 in 2024 or 2025.

– Drones assist firefighters. In Germany, trials are being carried out with freshwater-assisted firefighting drones to extinguish large fires at high altitudes. Easy to use, newer versions use sensors to detect people even behind a smoke screen. Thanks to these devices, it is also possible to obtain a better image of the premises on fire to facilitate the access of the firefighters. However, the benefits are limited. If it’s a fire in high-rise buildings, drones can’t go inside and put out the fire.

Dell is giving a boost to its Power Store. Dell Technologies’ mid-range unified (file and block) storage arrays are refreshed with the adoption of Xeon Cascade Lake controllers and the addition of 100 adapters GbE to improve IOPS performance. The maximum storage capacity also increases with SSD 15.26 TB. These bays also inaugurate version 3.0 of Power Store OS, which brings native support for vFlights and end-to-end VMware visibility in the console. It is also possible to provision services Power Store at the VM level, such as snapshots and replication directly from vSphere.



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